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With the same environment, I believe that woman is quite as capable as man in conducting business affairs.
Henrietta R. “Hetty” Green, 1900

Don’t sit down and wait for opportunities to come . . . get up and make them happen.
Madam C. J. (Sarah) Walker, 1914

Women have to work twice as well as men to get the same recognition that men do.
Helen Rogers Reid, 1935

Ability is the measure of an executive—not gender.
Olive Ann Beech, 1967

More than 200 quotations on business, management, and life, all from a woman’s perspective – that’s Have Courage, Work Hard. The collection is drawn from fifty-six women who were managers, executives, and entrepreneurs before the women’s movement of the 1970s. Have Courage, Work Hard includes a biographical sketch of each woman which provides context for her comments. The insights, observations, and lessons gathered in their long careers (which averaged 40 years a piece) range from witty to inspirational.

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