Mary F. Seymour, c. 1893, founder, Union Stenographic  Company. Collection of Ferret Research. Knox Gelatine No.1, c. 1918. Collection of Ferret Research. Kathryne M. Haun, c. 1919, treasurer, E.F. Houghton & Company. Collection of Ferret Research.   

Mary Goljenboom


Mary Goljenboom has been studying historical businesswomen for almost two decades. Have Courage, Work Hard is her second book. She published a daybook, First Ladies of Business: A Journal of Professional Determination, in 2001. Mary not only researches and writes her books, but designs and publishes them, too.

Since 1988 Mary has been running her small business, Ferret Research, Inc. Research is the main service—historical research, picture research, genealogy—and the history of women entrepreneurs and managers is a major interest. Ferret Research expanded into publishing with the Waukegan Historical Society's 2001 Calendar, followed by First Ladies of Business: A Journal of Professional Determination. The historical society calendar won a bronze award in the National Calendar Awards™ competition. 

With a degree in education, creating lectures and seminars was a natural extension for Mary. She regularly speaks to clubs, trade groups, college classes, and historical societies about historic American businesswomen. Mary has also created and taught seminars and workshops on picture research for the American Society of Picture Professionals, the publishing program at the University of Chicago, the Picture Agency Council of America, and private companies.