Margaret Haley, c. 1904, business manager, Chicago Teacher's Federation. Collection of Ferret Research. Collection of Ferret Research. Maggie L. Walker, c. 1913, founder, St. Luke's Bank & Trust Co./Consolidated Bank & Trust Co. Courtesy of Maggie L. Walker Nat'l Historic Site, NPS.   

Presentations & Talks

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Talks on Historic Female Business Managers

Stories of the early managers make a surprising and inspiring topic.
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I didn't know that!

Ora Snyder started a candy business in Chicago in 1909. Twenty-five years later she had 15 stores and was a nationally recognized businesswoman. 
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Demystifying Picture Research

Picture research is a hidden art. In this talk, Mary Goljenboom uses knowledge obtained over 30 years to "demystify" the picture research process:

  • Finding suitable images
  • Getting necessary permission from copyright holders & property owners
  • Figuring out the different kinds of sources and how to use them effectively
  • Becoming familiar with copyright and trademark; property, privacy, and publicity rights; and standard business practices.