Josephine B. Frawley Doud, c. 1926, business manager, Betsy Ross Candy Shops. Private collection. Frank Leslie's Publishing House. Collection of Ferret Research. Alice Foote MacDougall, c. 1922, founder, Alice Foote MacDougall. Collection of Ferret Research.   

Presentations & Talks

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Talks on Historic Female Business Managers

Stories of the early managers make a surprising and inspiring topic.
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Ora Snyder started a candy business in Chicago in 1909. Twenty-five years later she had 15 stores and was a nationally recognized businesswoman. 
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Demystifying Picture Research

Picture research is a hidden art. In this talk, Mary Goljenboom uses knowledge obtained over 30 years to "demystify" the picture research process:

  • Finding suitable images
  • Getting necessary permission from copyright holders & property owners
  • Figuring out the different kinds of sources and how to use them effectively
  • Becoming familiar with copyright and trademark; property, privacy, and publicity rights; and standard business practices.